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Cowboy Rowland


Cowboy started playing the guitar on April 2, 1968.  He took guitar lessons for three months and started playing in his first band called the "Liquid Sunshine" at the age of 13. Their first gig was a Jacyees meet where they played for an hour and a half before the organization put a stop to the madness because the band only had seven songs and played the same seven songs over and over again.  At the age of 17 he enlisted in the service and spent ten years in the Army.  Seven over seas in Germany and one in Viet-Nam.  During his service he played in a number of service related bands and one German band.  Upon leaving the service he went to college and earned two masters degrees in science (herpetology) and computer science.  He owned and operated a graphic sign company for twelve years and had his own private plane. It was during this time Cowboy established the "Feather River Band" and started touring around the state of California in 1984.   Cowboy took a break from music and decided to become a paramedic after loosing his wife and his seventeen month old son when his father-in-law at the time was flying the plane and crashed into the side of a mountain near Sacramento, California on Easter Sunday of 1989 killing his family.  Cowboy moved away from California closing his business went on to become a paramedic /firefighter II / rescue scuba diver - instructor in northern Arizona and spent the next six years on the department before becoming a law enforcement officer and a school teacher.  During this time the "Feather River Band" was re-organized and once again traveling and preforming.  In 1992 while teaching school, Cowboy was recognized and inducted into the United States Achievement Academy for his musical talents and teaching abilities.   In the early 2000 years Cowboy started traveling with the band again and quit teaching to pursue a full time job of performing and playing music. Traveling in an RV covering casinos and nightclubs, from a number of states from Arizona to California, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Montana Nebraska, New Mexico, the Dakotas and Canada.  After three years or touring the circuit Cowboy married his long time girl friend and sound engineer of ten years and after being married for only one year lost the love of his life to Acute Lymphomic Blastic Leukemia.   Cowboy now resides at Norman Lake just out of Prince George, B.C., Canada with his new found love and wife Gail.  Cowboy plays a twelve string Ovation guitar, keyboard, mandolin, harmonica, banjo, dobro and steel guitar.  His hobbies include: Taxidermy, fishing, and he has written and  published a fishing guide, he was a professional archer and has won in Atlanta and Nevada meets, holds a 4 star rating with the R.S.R.O.A. (roller skating dance), he has worked as a writer and photographer for NASCAR,  and likes to build and fly radio controlled aircraft and is currently an accomplished pilot and MAAC instructor.  Cowboy is also a pilot (single engine rating, VFR, and a glider pilot).




Gail Greenough

    Gail Greenough, born and raised in Montreal Canada started working in the insurance industry right out of high school and continued in the career for thirty-two years before retiring.  She moved to Prince George in 1974 for a better opportunity and to raise her family.  Gail has two beautiful girls, two great Son-In-Laws and two wonderful Grand Children who all also currently reside in Prince George.  Gail has always had an interest in music and plays some guitar, but her passion is singing in the band.  Gail is currently traveling with the band full time and sings harmony and plays some of the percussion instruments with the band.  She is also proficient in wiring the sound and lighting. 




Bass Guitarist

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