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Thanks for stopping by.  See you at our next concert.   We hope you will sign our guest book.

If you have seen us.... sign our guest book.  Have a great day!

Havent heard you yet but would love too. Have heard from others how good you are. Would have been to gayville buy something came up i couldnt make itthat nightWas sad!

Heard you in Gayville at McGruders ben. your music was great just loved it

A big thank you to everyone who came out to celebrate the "old timers" on Saturday. Also, a big thank you to Cindi Ekern Goeden and Karen Payne for all your hard work to make the event possible; Lonnie Herrboldt, Joe Wipf, and Kristina Lloyd for a wonderful dinner, and last but not least, a big thank you to Cowboy and the Feather River Band for making the evening memorable for everyone!

Karen Payne

I saw you guys last new years in Yankton. I thought there was a five piece band plying when I walked in. When I saw you on the stage I could not believe there was only two of you. You guys are great hope you come back.

Sioux Falls

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